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Форум » English » Passage of R.E.B.O.R.N. » Administration » Forum Terms and coditions.
Forum Terms and coditions.
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The Privacy policy and Terms of use.

-These rules regulate the activities of our forum. Rules are subject to unconditional fulfillment of users.
- The administration has the right to apply sanctions for violation of this rules.
0.0.1 - Do public discussion, and evaluation of the existing rules in any topics of our forum are prohibited, except for specialized topics in the forum.
0.0.2 - Prohibited wrangling with the administration in the event of non-compliance Forum Terms of use and made comments about it!

0.0.3 - Prohibited discrimination of participants of this forum by gender, age, racial, occupational, ethnic, religion, social origin, property, birth or residence, as well as discrimination based on political opinion and having an extremist.
- In case of improper behavior to you from any of the users, immediately report it to a Moderator or board Administrator, without any action or drawn into the debate.
- Users are responsible for the information that they leaves in their profile or posts during communications.
0.0.4 - Lack of knowledge does not relieve the user of responsibility for violations.
- The administration is not obliged to notify the user of changes and additions to the rules as they are available to the public at any time at this site.
0.0.5 - The user is forbidden start the second and subsequent accounts (clones) for the current one, as well as the re-register new account while their service was temporary suspend for violation. This is an extremely serious offense and leads to the permanent blocking of all accounts.
0.0.6 - Prohibited use the red color to highlight text (reserved for Administration and Reborn Team) - This is a serious offense and lead to temporary account suspend !
0.0.7 - If you your e-mail address did not confirm the authenticity in 1 month, your account will be deleted!
0.0.8 - Do not register an account on this website using any proxies. Profiles registered via a proxy will be removed without warning.

1. Regulations on nicknames, avatars and signatures Users:

1.1 You may not use a nickname:
1.1.1 obscene and offensive words, direct and clear their derivatives;
1.1.2 unpronounceable logins, consisting of a set of random numbers, letters, symbols, and
nicknames, consisting of a set upper and lower case letters and / or symbols.
Those kind of accounts will be removed by the Administration without notice.
1.1.3 You may not to register logins, similar to the existing ones on the forum. This can mislead forum users. The same may not be used when registering as user name (nickname)as the names and aliases of religious and political persons.
1.2 You may not use as your avatar:
1.2.1 Any images of more than 120 by 120 pixels. Downloadable computer avatar should be no more than 60 kilobytes;
1.2.2 Any graphic files containing rude and abusive language;
1.2.3 Any pornographic image files;
1.2.4 Any graphic files with the mention of third-party sites;
1.2.5 Other people's avatars - that is, already used of other forum members ;
1.2.6 Any images with violent and bloody themes;
1.2.7 Strong flickering / changing animated drawings.
1.3 You may not use the signature:
1.3.1 Strong flickering / changing animated drawings;
1.3.2 graphical images that are larger than the total 350 by 40 pixels (even if the signature does not contain text);
1.3.3 Graphic images, the total amount of more than 200 kilobytes;
1.3.4 The use of red color and its derivatives?
1.3.5 Contents of signatures should not contradict paragraph 4, "Regulation the of posts establishment"

2. Regulations for the establishment of topics:

2.1 Topics can be create only with the permission of the administrators and moderators. Before you write an application for a new topic, use the search function. Perhaps your question already asked in one of the existing ones, and you'll find the answer.
2.2 The themes created without permission will be deleted without explanation, and opened their users are punished.
2.3 Do not duplicate the same topic in different sections of the Forum board;
2.4 The theme may be create a only in the appropriate section of the forum;
2.5 It is forbidden to write the entirely topic title with capital letters or containing extra characters;
2.6 If you want to start a new topic, avoid such names as: "Help!" "Attention!" "Need Help!" "What should I do?" etc. Topic name should convey the content of the theme.

3. The regulations of reputation

3.1 Prohibited intentional lowering of Members reputation - for example, in revenge for something;
3.2 It is forbidden to raise the reputation of "just because", or "I give you, you give me," "A Good Man" etc.

4. Regulation on posting messages:

4.1 Prohibited flood! Flood is a leaving it in the theme , a messages that doesn't content any sense and recognized by the moderator or administrator useless, or violate the local rules of the forum. Prohibited any kind of abuse the board with meaningless messages, write meaningless message to raise the theme population or reputation;
4.2 Prohibited off topic! Off topic - any message that goes beyond a per-determined topic of specified theme;
4.3 It is forbidden to duplicate posts in different topics / sections of the forum, as well as the response with quote the previous message without the necessary ;
4.4 Advertising is not permitted in any form! Strictly prohibited sending any advertisements calling to visit a particular site;
4.5 It is forbidden to put links (active and inactive) to other sites that contain advertising, pornography, violence in any form, paid content, etc.;
4.6 Avoid swearing, profanity, slang and other forms of idiotic language! Hidden abuse (, .. etc) is also prohibited;
4.7 It is forbidden to affront people and Forum Administration! The user has the right to file a complaint in order of personal letter sending to the personal mailbox of moderator or administrator;
4.8 Do not write messages using completely capitalized, uppercase and lowercase letters mixed up ("LiKe tHIs AND lIkE ThaT"), as well as large print and not necessary the color design text (except for the Administration and the Moderators) ;
4.9 It is forbidden to use a all tape of highlighting the whole message while writing the post, only for the purpose of focusing on the most important part of the post. In other words, it is forbidden to write the message (all or mostly) in italics and / or bold, and / or underlining, and / or font size that is different from the standard color and size for forum posts;
10.4 You may not use images in messages larger than 340 by 210 pixels. All the photos that are larger than appropriate size should be hide in a preview mod or spoiler ;
4.11 Users in the case of not "sure of a writing spell" recommended to use text editor with spell checking is enabled;
12.4 You may not remove from your posts Forum Administration Amendments;
4.13 Do not use personal information (e-mails, private-mails) of other users for spam and advertising;
4.14 In addition to the complete removal of posts, the administration and moderators reserve the right to edit messages and the user profile, if the information of those are partially or completely not correct;
4.15 Prohibited messages consisting only of smile's and symbols.
4.16 Communications provoking mutual insults and disagreements between users (fine or coarse trolling) will be removed by administration without explanation (edit or delete posts). Repeated publication of provocation lead to use of conventional sanctions. Such as verbal warning (with a record to profile and show the warning level), with continuing the violation - improving warning level, and finally banns for five days followed by transfer offender to "alone" team, or blocking the activity of the offender forever.

5. Relationship between users and the administration:

5.1 By its actions the forum administration using a sense and the internal rules of the forum.
5.2 Discussion of the administration (moderators and administrators) is strictly prohibited in all themes and topics, with the exception of the specialized forum for discussions of all aspects of the portal and the whole forum.
For breaking the rules, you may receive a verbal warning, or a ban according to administrator or moderator decision.

6. Useful information:

Flood - twaddle, messages in online forums and chat rooms, which occupy (in many cases), large volumes, and vice verse - which consist of a single word or a few characters, and do not carry a new, useful and meaningful information.
Off topic - any message that goes beyond a per-determined topic of communication.
Flame - "argufy" messaging in mulch-network communication (online forums, chat rooms, etc.) which is a war of words, often been unrelated to the original cause of the dispute. Flame messages may contain personal insults, and often aim to further incite strife.
Trolling - posting on the Internet (forums, discussion groups, etc.) provocative messages in order to produce a flame, the conflicts between the parties, insults, etc.

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